Monthly Favorites | January 2014

posted on: 1.31.2014

I'm not going to bother saying the usual things one says at the end of the month, because you already know the drill. ;)

Here are my five favorites for the month of January:

Favorite lip product:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc Lip Gel in Voilà!
This Marc Jacobs lipstick (or lip gel, as he calls it) in Voilà is the perfect bright pink color.

Favorite fragrance:

Bath & Body Works Body Fragrance Mist in Twisted Peppermint
This Bath & Body Works spray was a Christmas gift (and, unfortunately, limited edition). But it smells divine!

Favorite discovery:

St. Ives Lotion Spray in Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract
I'd been wanting to try a spray-on body lotion for a while, and I'm so glad I did! This one by St. Ives is super moisturizing and smells so good (and perfect for those gotta-get-out-the-door-fast days)!

Favorite TV show:

I'm almost completely caught up and I can't stress enough how OBSESSED I am. (source)

Favorite song:

"The Mother We Share" by Chvrches has been in my head all month long.

What are your favorites for the month of January? Please share in the comments below!


  1. Love your intro to this post! I'm right there with ya haha. And I've been wanting to start watching Sherlock, so many people seem to love it!

  2. haha Thanks! ;) And I TOTALLY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend Sherlock - it's a fantastic show, and Benedict Cumberbatch is simply amazing (and not bad to look at lol). Thank you for commenting, Caitlin! xx

  3. The packaging on the marc Jacob's products look so luxurious!

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